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順勢療法是昂貴的 ?

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事實 :
於統計中,英國NHS於順勢療法約花費400萬英鎊一年,只佔NHS中0.0004% 相比起抗抑鬱藥每年花費的二億三千萬英鎊是微乎其微,而抗抑鬱藥只對很少人有幫助。

“Homeopathy is expensive and a drain on NHS finances"fact :The total amount spent on homeopathy in the NHS is approximately£4 million per year , representing just 0.0004% of the total NHS budget . In contrast the NHS spends £230 million annually on SSRIs (anti-depressants) which have been shown to be effective for only a small minority of patients .

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