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World-renowned government research department misledscientists and the public over homeopathy

·        Formal complaint toCommonwealth Ombudsman details inaccuracies, mishandling of evidence, andconflicts of interest
·        Homeopathy ResearchInstitute now releases extensive analysis of the Australian NHMRC’s misleading2015 report
·        An anti-homeopathyeffort scored an own-goal when NHMRC review violated the very scientificstandards it sought to promote
·        Fiasco highlighted in'Just One Drop', a new film on the controversy over evidence for homeopathy’seffectiveness
·        正式向澳洲申訴專員投訴資料失實、不正當處理證據,以及利益衝突
·        順勢療法研究院(HRI)現在發佈,對澳洲國家衛生與醫學研究評議會(NHMRC)在2015年發表的誤導性報告作出全面分析
·        反順勢療法力量射了一球烏龍球:NHMRC的報告完全違犯了它過往推廣的科研標準
·        這場徹底失敗的重點,會在一部有關順勢療法有效性證據的爭議之新電影《Just One Drop》中播放。

Dr Alex Tournier, ExecutiveDirector, Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), explains: “The inaccuracies in NHMRC’s report are soextreme that we decided to work with the Australian Homeopathic Association(AHA) to conduct a thorough investigation to fully uncover exactly what went on.”
順勢療法研究院HRI)的執行董事,亞歷斯·圖尼爾博士(Dr Alex Tournier解釋:「NHMRC報告中的錯誤嚴重得令我們決定與澳洲順勢療法醫學會(AHA)合作,去進行一個全面的調查,去徹底揭發當中發生的事。」

The film 'Just One Drop', which will premiere atLondon’s Curzon Soho on 6 April (7pm, BST), reveals a number of anomaliesuncovered by the extensive investigation into NHMRC’s conduct:
電影《Just One Drop》將於4月6日(BST下午7時),在倫敦的CurzonSoho戲院首映,當中談及詳細調查NHMRC的行為後,揭發的數宗醜聞:
·        NHMRC did the review twice. They rejected the first report, despiteit being undertaken by a reputable scientist who is an author of NHMRC’s ownguidelines on how to conduct reviews.

·        The existence of the first report has never beendisclosed to the public – it was only discovered by AHA through Freedom ofInformation (FOI) requests.

·        NHMRC said the results oftheir 2015 report were based on a “rigorous assessment of over 1800 studies”. Infact results were based on only 176 studies.

·        NHMRC used a methodthat has never been used in any other review, before or since.
NHMRC decided that for trials to be ‘reliable’they had to have at least 150 participants
and reach an unusually high threshold forquality. This is despite the fact that NHMRC itself routinely conducts studieswith less than 150 participants.

·        These unprecedented and arbitrary rules meant theresults of 171 of the trials were completely disregarded as being ‘unreliable’ leavingonly 5 trials NHMRC considered to be ‘reliable’.
·        Professor Peter Brooks, Chair of the NHMRC committeethat conducted the 2015 review, initially failed to declare that he was amember of the anti-homeopathy lobby group 'Friends of Science inMedicine'.  

·        In violation of NHMRC’s ownguidelines there was not one homeopathy expert on the committee.
·        NHMRC寫了兩份報告。他們放棄了第一份報告,即使那是由一著名科學家負責的。而那名科學家正是為NHMRC撰寫,它們對於如何評論證據的指引的作者。
·        他們從來沒有向公眾透露第一份報告的存在。只在AHA根據資訊自由法案(FOI)的請求,才得以揭發。
·        NHMRC說他們2015年的報告結果是基於「對1800份研究的嚴格評估」。但結果事實上只基於176份研究。
·        NHMRC使用的方法是前所未見的,在之前或之後亦沒有用於其他報告中。NHMRC認為,科學試驗必需有最少150名參與者,以及達到一個不尋常的品質門檻,才是「可靠的」。這無視了一個事實:NHMRC本身會例行地進行少於150名參與者的研究。
·        這些史無前例和任意的準則結果將171個試驗視為「不可靠的」,並完全無視它們,NHMRC最後只考慮5個試驗為「可靠的」。
·        NHMRC的委員會主席PeterBrooks教授負責指揮了2015年的報告,他在最初沒有申報他是一個反順勢療法團體「澳洲醫學科學朋友圈('Friendsof Science in Medicine)」的成員。
·        NHMRC違反了自己的指引,委員會當中沒有最少一名順勢療法專家。

Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive,Homeopathy Research Institute, “NHMRC’sreview is just bad science. Decision-makers and the scientific community relyon these kinds of reports and need to trust their accuracy. This is not aboutanyone’s personal opinion as to whether homeopathy works or not. It is aboutthe importance of evidence being reported objectively, whatever it says, andthe NHMRC did not do that.”
順勢療法研究院HRI)的首席執行長,瑞秋·羅拔絲Rachel Roberts說:「NHMRC的報告是拙劣的科學。決策者和科學界都依賴這類報告,亦相信它們的準確性。這不應是任何人對順勢療法有效與否的個人意見。不論證據的結論是什麼,也應著重客觀地報告證據。但NHMRC卻沒有這樣做。」

HRIis not alone in criticising the accuracy of NHMRC’s findings. FOI requests have brought tolight that two independent experts also raised concerns over the report’s conclusionsduring peer review, prior to final publication. The AustralasianCochrane Centre commented that for some conditions, “…. 'no reliable evidence' does not seem an accurate reflection of the body ofevidence”; asecond expert felt “uncertain of the definitive nature of the Report’sconclusions”.
並非只有順勢療法研究院HRI)批評 NHMRC 報告的準確性。資訊自由法案(FOI )的請求揭示了,有兩個獨立專家在同行評審期間,即是在報告最終出版之前,亦對報告的結論提出了擔憂。澳大拉西亞考科藍中心Australasian Cochrane Centre)作出評論:「……『沒有可靠證據』似乎並非對主體證據的準確反映」;第二個專家認為:「報告結論的權威性是不確定的」。

Roberts says:“The public has a right to know that there are high quality studies showinghomeopathy works for some medical conditions, such as hay fever1,sinusitis2 and diarrhoea in children3 – information thatwas lost only due to NHMRC’s mishandling of the evidence. If the evidence onconventional medicine was treated this way there would be an outcry – andrightly so. NHMRC’s job was to accurately summarise the body of evidence forhomeopathy for the public, a task in which they categorically failed.”

5 April 2017
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Notes to Editors

Attachment –
Executive Summary
https://tinyurl.com/ExecSummaryOmbudsman (available 19.00 BST, April 6)
Extracted from the Submission to theCommonwealth Ombudsman by Complementary Medicines Australia, AustralianHomoeopathic Association and Australian Traditional Medicine Society, submittedin August 2016.  HRIprovided the scientific analysis for this submission.
https://tinyurl.com/ExecSummaryOmbudsman(可於BST 4月6日19時存取)

The Australian Report: an in depth analysis
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvF8KxbCXzA (available 19.00BST, April 6)
Ms Rachel Roberts,CEO Homeopathy Research Institute presents key facts from HRI's in-depthscientific analysis of NHMRC's Homeopathy Review, demonstrating that the publicwere misled by serious misreporting of the evidence.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvF8KxbCXzA (可於BST 4619時存取)
順勢療法研究院(HRI)的首席執行長,瑞秋·羅拔絲(Rachel Roberts,就HRINHMRC的順勢療法報告的深入科學分析,發表了關鍵的資料,證明公眾被嚴重錯誤的證據報告誤導了。
Media contact 傳媒聯絡
Carolyn Howgego, HRI Communications Manager
07596 833664/carolynhowgego@hri-research.org
“Just One Drop” premiere enquiries only
只限《Just One Drop》的首映查詢
Storm PR, Anneka Wahlhaus, Senior AccountManager
0207 240 2444/anneka.wahlhaus@stormcom.co.uk
Available for interview
RachelRoberts, HRI chief executive (please contact Carolyn Howgego)
Further information:  
The HomeopathyResearch Institute (HRI) is an innovative international charity created toaddress the need for high quality scientific research in homeopathy. Thecharity was founded by physicist, Dr Alexander Tournier.
順勢療法研究院(HRI)是一個創新的國際慈善機構,成立目的是應付高品質順勢療法科研的需求。這慈善機構是由物理學家Dr Alexander Tournier成立的。
The National Healthand Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia’s leading expert bodypromoting the development and maintenance of public and individual healthstandards.
The AustralianHomœopathic Association (AHA) is the only national association representingprofessional homœopaths in Australia.
*AHA’s complaint tothe Australian Ombudsman was submitted jointly with Complementary MedicinesAustralia (CMA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).
The CommonwealthOmbudsman considers and investigates complaints from people who believe theyhave been treated unfairly or unreasonably by an Australian Governmentdepartment or agency.
TheCochrane Collaboration
Cochrane is a globalindependent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers, and peopleinterested in health.  Their work is recognizedas representing an international gold standard for high quality, trustedinformation.
1.Reilly, D. T., Taylor, M. A., McSharry, C. & Aitchison, T. (1986) Ishomoeopathy a placebo response? Controlled trial of homoeopathic potency, withpollen in hayfever as model. Lancet (London, England), 2:881-886
2.Zabolotnyi, D. I. et al. (2007) Efficacy of a complex homeopathic medication(Sinfrontal) in patients with acute maxillary sinusitis: a prospective,randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter clinical trial. Explore(New York, N.Y.), 3:98-109

3. Jacobs, J., Jonas, W. B., Jiménez-Pérez, M.& Crothers, D. (2003) Homeopathy for childhood diarrhea: combined resultsand metaanalysis from three randomized, controlled clinical trials, ThePediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 22:229-234
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